The Proflo™ USB-IR Adaptor and Proflo™ Assist Software have been designed to work with our Proflo® PF1 monitoring device to allow the user to translate data collected from the PF1 to adjustments needed on the existing lubrication pumps, assisting in reducing over or under-lubrication.

The Proflo™ USB-IR adaptor allows the direct transfer of information from the PF1 device to the user’s computer. 

The PF1 monitoring device records the average cycle time for each 30 minute block of operation and can transmit this information via infrared signals. Then the Proflo™ USB-IR adaptor captures the IR signals that are broadcasted by the PF1 device, and, through the use of the software, translates those signals into information that the user can use to regulate their lubricator pumps.


  • User friendly software
  • Small and portable USB
  • Immediate data collection
  • Can retrieve information that has been stored on the PF1 device for months
  • One Adaptor can be used on all of the user’s PF1 devices
  • Recommended pump adjustment
  • Save data in Excel format
  • Easy to view trend graph
  • Cost savings analysis

More Information

Software & User Instructions

Download the software here:

CPI Proflo™ Assist Software for download (212.0 MB)

*Note: You must purchase the Proflo™ USB-IR Adaptor from CPI to gather data from the Proflo® PF1 to use in the software.