Monitering Device: MODEL PF1

Proflo® PF1 Monitoring Device

divider block monitor and no-flow shutdown protection

The Proflo® PF1 monitors operation of the divider block system by detecting each cycle of the system. If the pump fails or the cycle time of the divider block system slows down or speeds up the Proflo® monitor alerts the operator by displaying the changed cycle time on the LCD display. If the pump deteriorates the cycle time will slow down and the Proflo® will change to alarm state and shutdown the compressor, preventing damage to the compressor cylinders, pistons, rods and packing.

The Proflo® monitor is 21st Century engineering, utilizing state-of-the-art communication technology and data storage. The unit protects the compressor and end user by monitoring movement of the divider block piston and detecting slow flow and no flow of the fluid flow system. The control housing can be mounted in a control panel or directly to any compressor divider block “Trabon, Lubriquip, SB, Lincoln, Dropsa”. The PF1 operates on field replaceable “AA” Alkaline batteries with expected life of up to 2 years. The LCD indicates when the batteries should be changed. If battery voltage drops below safe operating levels the Proflo®  monitor will go into alarm mode and warn the operator of battery failure. Bi-polar wiring allows for simple trouble free wiring to the control panel.

The unit incorporates a liquid crystal display to indicate the following: A. Operating time of the compressor. B. “Average”, “Last” and “Current” cycle time of the divider block. C. Total divider block cycles. D. Battery power status. E. Alarm set time for no flow warning. F. Alarm wiring mode: Normally Open/Normally Closed.

The cycle time display enables the operator to easily set and monitor pump rates. All trending data and set points are stored in Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, (EEPROM). Memory is not lost due to battery failure or change.

The PF1 capitalizes on proven technology and components to monitor fluid consumption every 30 minutes, run time of the compressor and trends the operation of the divider block system and oil consumption for 365 days. This device will give the compressor operator a superior product with features never before possible in the industry.

PF1 (Proflo®) Flyer


  • Trends and stores divider block system operation to monitor and prove:
    • oil consumption - over and under lubrication
    • lubricator pump failure
    • divider block failure
    • compressor component failure - rings, rod, packing and cylinders
    • compressor run time
  • Shuts down compressor when lubrication system fails or begins to deteriorate
  • Adjustable alarm time
  • Installs on divider block or in control panel
  • Wireless (IRDA) download of trending information to any hand held Palm Pilot or Palm cell phone device
  • Automatically uploads all files to computer and converts information to Excel